Flame Newsletter

The Flame newsletter is published weekly and includes all kinds of news and information about what's going on in the church. Subscription is free, and is sent to your preferred email address via MailChimp. If you would like to receive the Flame by email, please contact the church office: 256-435-6021, or jill@jaxfumc.org to request to be added to the list. Previous issues are available in the Archive section for your convenience.

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Beginning with the 12.31.17 newsletter, we changed the Flame over to a monthly newsletter. The weekly Spark is still sent out, and includes events and announcements, basic information for our members, but the articles and features will be in the monthly edition, which will come out around the middle of the month.

2018 Editions

1.7.18 eSpark - http://mailchi.mp/3038ea65aae8/1718-espark

1.14.18 eSpark - http://mailchi.mp/eefbbda468b9/11418-espark

1.21.18 eFlame - http://mailchi.mp/af20e7636f1b/12118-eflame

1.28.18 eSpark - http://mailchi.mp/e0dd36b2865c/12818-espark

2.4.18 eSpark CAL - https://mailchi.mp/4d9558337ef1/2418-espark-cal

2.11.18 eFlame - http://mailchi.mp/f48ff07cebfe/21118-eflame-newsletter

2.18.18 eSpark - http://mailchi.mp/a3e6cee2decc/21818-espark

2.25.18 eSpark - http://mailchi.mp/7963df1d5472/22518-espark

3.4.18 eSpark CAL - http://mailchi.mp/59d4a243813c/3418-espark-and-cal

3.11.18 eSpark - http://mailchi.mp/78dcc1ee429e/31118-espark

3.18.18 eFlame - http://mailchi.mp/a7a7afe04c1a/31818-eflame

3.25.18 eFlame - http://mailchi.mp/608f5fc21a1b/32518-espark

4.1.18 eSpark CAL - http://mailchi.mp/8c804efbd0a4/4118-espark-cal