Weekly Activities

Warm Hearts Prayer Group

Meets on Thursday mornings every week at 11:00 am in the Parlor (on the second floor adjacent to the sanctuary). The Warm Hearts Prayer Group consists of a group of Christians who believe in the power of prayer. The usual attendance is somewhere between 6-18 (mostly women, but men are welcome). The members rainge in age from late 20s to late 70s. This group is not a "clique". In addition to praying for the people on the church prayer list, this group loves, supports and prays for each other. Through their confidential "Divine Intervention Prayer List" they have witnessed miracles. Each week, the session begins with the question, "Where hav eyou seen God at work this week?" The session ends with silent prayers offered at the altar.

In addition to a commitment of prayer, this group believes in being God's hands and feet wherever they are needed. Please visit - you will be warmly welcomed.


Weekly Study Group

New studies are promoted in the Flame newsletter and on the website. Registrations may be made in the church office. There is no charge for the classes, although participants may want to purchase the book, which ranges from $5 - $15. Everyone is welcome.